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Many of life failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success. This is because people give up too soon. Many times we set goals we hope to achieve perhaps with a deadline but in most cases things does not work out the way we plan hence we tend to give up. No wonder it’s easy to have expectations hoping that everything should work out after about three tries.it doesn’t always happen this way. But if one does not give up so quickly but tries twenty, thirty or even one hundred times like Thomas Edison, then there is possibility to achieve success. Persistence is the key.


All the great men of the world, the religious reformers, the scientists and others were all men of great determination. They had to face great obstacles while fulfilling their mission. But they persevered and at last they were able to achieve their aim.


In life we find sometimes a man who fails in a particular profession. But he succeeds in some other field simply if he goes on trying to know where his strength lies. Failure in one field doesn’t mean failure in all fields. A person who keeps trying, in the long run gets experience in other fields. And by this he becomes successful in all he does. A student who cannot pull on well in one subject or discipline may change his option or course and is more likely to do better in the new field if he works consistently. Failures are indeed stepping stones to success. They may seem worthless in their own way but they have their inherent value.

Success doesn't happen from no where rather it cost struggles, sacrifices, mistakes, sorrows and prayers to be successful...

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.