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DREAM BIG, Anything is possible!!!

DREAM BIG, Anything is possible!!!

As a dreamer, you ignore the word impossible. In fact, the word impossible simple says to you — I’m Possible.

Anything is possible when you can vividly dream it.

While others might try to dissuade you from seeing those dreams come to life, you won’t listen to them. You’re a dreamer. You’re wild-eyed. You’re going to fulfill your dreams no matter what it takes.

Us dreamers don’t look at the impediments in the road. We don’t see the stumbling blocks. And we ignore our past failures. We push forward, chasing those dreams. We don’t stop and we certainly don’t give up. We might hit serious rough patches and fail over and over again, but we pick ourselves up and try again and again until we achieve what we set out to achieve.

That’s what being a dreamer is all about. There’s no such thing as impossible. Everything is possible. You can see it so clearly and vividly that you can almost taste it. And that’s part of the battle. That’s the beauty of being a dreamer.